What an accurate word to describe her weaseling her way into things she shouldn't be in asking you obscene things saying how much she misses you i don't like it shes your ex can't you see what shes doing she wants you that fucking whore  


Reasons why

Reasons why we belong together……… Because whenever you smile Something deep inside me urges me to smile back Whenever I’m down and I hear your laughter I come alive again Whenever I get excited or mad You know how to calm me down I often catch myself Watching your face as you talk to others... Continue Reading →

It’s Her (Revised) 

It's me I am your lover  I dedicate myself to you  I left my family for you I bend to your every whim I live under the same roof as you I sleep under the same covers at you I make love with you So it should be me right..?  But It’s her It’s her... Continue Reading →

Robes and Garbs

I hide myself with garbs and robes You say you love me still I'm scared of myself You don't care You kiss my scars You kiss my lips You take my hand and lead me You show me what love really is My heart is in pieces You pick those pieces up You place them... Continue Reading →


The snow falls, Slowly painting the town white. The snow slowly breaks down my walls. I push my thoughts aside, More importantly I push them aside. Their nagging voices, Their harmful taunts. And I let your love inside. The serenity of the landscape I pull away from the sight I turn around And run into... Continue Reading →


Poetry is the key, I am the lock. Can you see who i am? Do you know me? I express myself through art. I find myself through music. If you have to kill me then do so, Because i know who i am, And you never knew me.

I Love You Enough To Fix You

I love you. Take my words, And place them in your heart, Like the batteries to an alarm clock, setting off your world at the right time.   Let me help you, Let me open up that door, Get you that coffee at Starbucks.   Take a look. I'm not doing anything, You wouldn't do... Continue Reading →


I pull on you, You push me away. I pull harder, You push harder. Is this a game? Am i your pawn? I let go. You fall. That's the end of it all.

Sloppy Blowjob

You were thinking all night at work, Thinking about needing a blowjob. This morning you got what you wanted. Drool dripping down my chin As you forced me to look up at you. Pulling out to let me breath for a moment Slapping your dick on my cheeks And defiling my skin. I keep looking... Continue Reading →

Arkangel of the Fallen

What do you do when you wake up and you are exhausted both physically and mentally? What do you do when the depression sinks it's teeth in so far that everyday you wake up and the first thing you think is "I can't do this anymore," but you know you have to because there are... Continue Reading →

Personal Porn Star

I sent you a little video Master,  I know you're at work,  I know you have things to do,  But take a little peek at me Master...  I won't tell.  Watch me rub myself for you.  Listen to me moan.  I've been a good pet right?  Hey Master, do you like those beads?  I know... Continue Reading →


Where do I go?  Who is the foe?  The blood drips down.  I got to leave this town.  As I sharpen my knife,  I plan to take his life.  He told a lie,  He made me cry.  My eyes darken,  The town crier cries "harken!"  "The young Master is dead,  He is as cold as... Continue Reading →


There is a beautiful red string that connects us Everytime I close my eyes I see you Everytime I'm scared I feel you Everytime I'm sad I hear you Is this what the red string does?  Why does it torture me so?  I want to be with you...  But yet... We are so far apart... 

Can’t take 

My heart falls down,  I cry.  I have lost my crown,  I bleed.  The shards are sharp,  I'm lost.  I have lost my harp,  Flightless.  I have lost my place,  My throne.  I cannot look at your face,  I hurt.  I can't stop crying,  I fall.  We are all dying,  I can't take anymore. 


The diary of another life,  A life I cannot live...  I know too much of myself.  I push myself down,  I abuse myself,  I tear myself into pieces.  The diary shows another side of me,  The side that no one can know. 

I Am a Hunter 

I am a hunter.  I point my gun to her head As she lies asleep in her bed.  I am a hunter.  I stare at her in pitch black As she lies awake on her back.  I am a hunter.  I shoot the gun, She screamed.  I'm having so much fun.  I am a hunter. ... Continue Reading →

Rope-tying (A response) 

Her first time reminded me of mine, fumbling with the knots She's a gentle girl ready to please her dom I didn't want to scare her.  Having a Dom can be challenging, I know this.  Doms do a lot of the hard work,  Some you have to tiptoe around and be careful not to set... Continue Reading →

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