Black Butterfly 

I walk home, 

It’s dark and I’m alone. 

Where are the gates of hell? 

I cannot tell. 

The darkness swallow me,

It seems so hungry. 

A black swallowtail butterfly, 

I watch it as it flutters by. 

A soft touch on my lips,

A gentle hand on my hips. 

The figure cloaked in black, 

I didn’t think he’d come back. 

Tears poured down my face, 

I felt like such a disgrace. 

His hand caressed me cheek, 

God, I felt so weak. 

The rain starts to pour, 

I felt frozen to the core. 

I look up, 

My heart felt stuck. 

The figure wasn’t there, 

That wasn’t fair. 

I sat down and cried… 

As the black swallowtail butterfly fluttered by. 


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