It’s Her (Revised) 

It’s me

I am your lover 

I dedicate myself to you 

I left my family for you

I bend to your every whim

I live under the same roof as you

I sleep under the same covers at you

I make love with you

So it should be me right..? 


It’s her

It’s her with hundreds of “selfies” in your phone

It’s her that you pick up your phone to no matter what 

It’s her that gets that gentle comforting that I need

It’s her you tried to get together with

It’s her who holds your priority when she rears her head 

It’s her you lied to me about

It’s her who told me things that hurt me

It’s her that said no wonder I wanted to kill myself cause I have no friends

It’s her that you didn’t protect me from

It’s her who you hid from me

It’s her… 

It’s me that you get mad at when I point out 

That it’s her


It should be me. 


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