Black Butterfly 

I walk home,  It's dark and I'm alone.  Where are the gates of hell?  I cannot tell.  The darkness swallow me, It seems so hungry.  A black swallowtail butterfly,  I watch it as it flutters by.  A soft touch on my lips, A gentle hand on my hips.  The figure cloaked in black,  I didn't... Continue Reading →



Last time I heard... You said you loved me We haven't spoken in weeks, because my mom forbade me.  Do you still love me?  Or was this short lived?  Will you keep me?  What is it that you feel for me?  All these questions are running though my head...  They haunt me... They taunt me... ... Continue Reading →


Raindrops are falling on my face,  There's nothing left to chase.  There's a deep to get past the gate,  But it seems I am too late.  The darkness surrounds me, The blood it astounds me,  How much hate has fed.  The eyes that glimmer,  The lights getting dimmer,  The world is dead.  Raindrops are falling... Continue Reading →


Alone...  Wishing I wasn't shown.  Truth...  Destroying the youth.  So, lay me down in thorns,  Tangle me up in vines,  Clip my wings so I cannot fly, I don't care.  Look at my scars...  I have more than the stars.  A break in my path...  Each mixed with someone else.  I want to be alone. ... Continue Reading →

Summers Day

Tears are raining down from grief During that cold summers day Love was nothing more than a falling leaf My world once warm and full  A shadow always lurking around the corner Now my world is cruel and dull Outside on a bright summers day No light could touch my face Just another cold rainy... Continue Reading →

I wish

I wish you could hold me and dry my tears.  I wish you could chase away my fears.  I wish we didn't have to stay apart for these years. 


Before belief betrayed  A beauty beheaded  Became  bearing benevolence on broken bones 


Envy Want to be someone I'm not Anxiety  Fear of losing because I'm not good enough Smile Don't show it Smile Can't show it Smile It's going to be ok Depression  I'm never going to be good enough  Warmth...  Warmth?  Snuggle into it Erased  Better This feeling...  Smile I love you 


Falling Even still I guard you Even still I stay right beside you But I'm falling You pushed me over My wings are torn But I know I'll be ok Because I'm falling....  For you

My Heart

The wind blows  The gown flows Smiling at the path I chose The door to my past is closed The path with him is the only one my heart knows

Ice (revised) 

The chill of ice, I'm cold.  Will this suffice?  A lone door,  A lone girl,  I can't call this home. There are no windows here,  It's dark.  I live in fear. 

Believe in me

I sit alone and watch the tv The blank screen watching me My thoughts all on you Somehow made it through the day Fake smiles and taking all their shit Knowing you're out paving our path  I don't know how to make them realize this is my life I hope they understand  I've done the... Continue Reading →

It’s Her

It's me...  I am your lover  I dedicate myself to you  I left my family for you I bend to your every whim I live under the same roof as you I sleep under the same covers at you I make love with you So it should be me right..?  But It's her It's her... Continue Reading →


Walking a long road,  Narrow and straight,  Shadow walks behind.  I stop and look at her,  She waves.  Smiling, I walk on.  Looking in the pond,  Reflection looks back,  We both giggle.  Getting up I walk on.  Staring at the night sky...  Mesmerized.  I run into someone, Looking forward, then up,  I see him.  Smiling.  I've reached... Continue Reading →


I stand before the gateway to hell.  I'm all alone.  No one's here to wish me well.  My body seared by whip and fire,  My heart is scarred,  They all say I'm a liar,  My wings are stained red,  The dark crimson blood  I screamed as it fed.  The last part of me drained from... Continue Reading →

Blood Stained Petals

The gun shoots, The petals fall, The book closes, Knowing the end is not a happy one. I feel warm tears on my face, But they are not mine. I open my eyes with the rest of my strength. I look at him, He looks at me, There is understanding between us. I close my... Continue Reading →

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